We have extra activities available in the nursery.


Gymboree is an hour of active fun promoting a love of music through song, dance, movement games and instruments. The children explore the power of rhythm, melody, tonality and beat while developing physical, social and intellectual skills. Classes are based on a musical theme e.g. Reggae. The themes change every few weeks. In total the children will experience 18 different musical themes such as Classical, Broadway, Disco, African, Latin, Folk, Marches etc.

Playball: the first programme to offer varied, formalised, age specific sport and movement development to children between 3 -9 years. Children progress from an informal introduction to ball and motor skills, to more structured sports participation. Participation in sport enhances physical development and provides a healthy and balanced outlook on life, it motivates children to participate in sport and sparks an interest in physical activity because children are more successful from the word go.

Coaches are sport and movement development specialists.

These activities take place during the day and are taken by trained staff from outside the nursery.

These classes incur a small extra charge. Information and prices are available from staff on request.

Extra curricular activities   

Christmas party

Santa visit

Pyjama Day

Halloween party

Birthday parties

        Montessori Parent’s evening
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