Baby Room

Our Baby Room will be closing in September 2011 and so we are not taking any more bookings

Our baby room is very personal with only three babies. The babies have their own room in which they spend the day and adjacent to this, they have their own sleep room. The sleep room can be viewed from the hallway or the baby room through glazed partitions designed especially to monitor the babies closely while they are asleep with minimum disturbance.

The staff in the baby room provide lots of hugs and cuddles throughout the day, and alongside that they provide activities for the babies which include singing, sensory play, games and they may go for a short walk out around the estate to get some fresh air.

We have a daily book for each child so that you can keep up with your child’s day. Included in the book are nappy changes, food consumption, their sleep times and the activities they did during the day. This book is given to each parent in the evening and we ask that each parent returns it in the morning for the next day’s report.

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